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Lana La Fata
Very reliable

Awesome product! Just make sure your pores are nice and open or else it’s hard for it to suck out. I had no problems what so ever besides I went a little too fast on my nose and it hurt a bit, but that was my fault. It’s a very good value for money product and I recommend it highly!

definitely gets the job done

A great product to buy! Have no regrets. At first your skin will get purple marks or brusing if you put the suction to high. Your skin isn't to it so it will probably bruise easily but over time it gets use to it and your skin will no longer bruise. The battery life is not the best but over all the product is great!

Celeste C.
A really great tool!

I've been looking to get one of these since I saw them demonstrated on TikTok! I'm someone who picks at their face every time I get a look at myself in a magnified mirror and expects the irritated skin to look better than letting an otherwise invisible white head. This product gets the job done without leaving scaring and irritation! You do have to be careful not to use it on really sensitive areas for prolonged time, my determination to get a blackhead out has so far left me with a few hickeys... Also, the tools that come with it are very helpful and were a nice bonus :)

Yudany Delgado Pena

This product is amazing. My husband feels like a new man and it works so well. The best money we ever spent regarding facial care. Super easy to use. Thank you!!!

Brittany Gutierrez
This thing works!

Wonderful even at lowest suction mode it really takes a lot off my face. I have slowly been working my way up with to the 3rd but not there yet. Best thing I ever bought and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

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