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So I did like this product, it works for both small and big skin tags. The only downside is it does hurt a lot, besides that it does what it promises.

Very easy to use

This product is awesome I removed 7 skin tags.

Worked for Me

Get some numbing gel/cream first and foremost. This thing is used to basically burn off the skin tag. Is it the most comfortable thing? No. But it wasn’t painful. However, it did work. I had the most annoying skintag/mole behind my ear and it’s gone now. It was very hard to get to by myself but I did it. The needle gets hot.

Holy cow!

I had very low expectations for this device and man, was I wrong! First of all, I can't believe you can just buy something so powerful on , but you sure can! I have lots of moles, sunspots, skin tags, and miscellaneous lumps and bumps that I am SUPER self-conscious about. I started with one spot on my neck and several weeks in, I have removed about six of these eyesores. I advise that you watch the numerous videos online prior to using because the directions that come with it are useless and poorly translated. Also, I recommend keeping the fresh spots slathered with neosporin AND hydrocortisone cream. I have only really slight, pink scars which I know will fade with time. I even used it to remove a LARGE, raised mole on my neck. This took several treatments, but it is GONE! Highly recommend this device but DO WATCH videos!

works great good value

It served its purpose. I remove a cluster of small mole with 2 treatments. I am AfricanAmerican and it left minimal scaring, mostly discoloration. As many other products scar our skin

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