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So I did like this product, it works for both small and big skin tags. The only downside is it does hurt a lot, besides that it does what it promises.

Ronald M.
Very easy to use

This product is awesome I removed 7 skin tags.

Worked for Me

Get some numbing gel/cream first and foremost. This thing is used to basically burn off the skin tag. Is it the most comfortable thing? No. But it wasn’t painful. However, it did work. I had the most annoying skintag/mole behind my ear and it’s gone now. It was very hard to get to by myself but I did it. The needle gets hot.

Holy cow!

I had very low expectations for this device and man, was I wrong! First of all, I can't believe you can just buy something so powerful on , but you sure can! I have lots of moles, sunspots, skin tags, and miscellaneous lumps and bumps that I am SUPER self-conscious about. I started with one spot on my neck and several weeks in, I have removed about six of these eyesores. I advise that you watch the numerous videos online prior to using because the directions that come with it are useless and poorly translated. Also, I recommend keeping the fresh spots slathered with neosporin AND hydrocortisone cream. I have only really slight, pink scars which I know will fade with time. I even used it to remove a LARGE, raised mole on my neck. This took several treatments, but it is GONE! Highly recommend this device but DO WATCH videos!

Nae Marie
works great good value

It served its purpose. I remove a cluster of small mole with 2 treatments. I am AfricanAmerican and it left minimal scaring, mostly discoloration. As many other products scar our skin

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