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This blackhead mask suitable for my skin

This is my first time applying a blackhead mask. I am a woman in her early 20s. I found this product, bought it, and tried it. I think it was this blackhead peel off mask that suited my skin. This blackhead mask relieved me from worrying about blackheads and really helped me get rid of the blackheads as well as making my skin soft and clean.

When applying a blackhead mask, I am trying to use the mask only on the worst parts of the face, nose and chin, and immediately after a warm shower to clean the pores easily and cleanly. There was a clear difference in my skin compared to before and after use, and I would like to purchase this blackmask and try it out from time to time. The parts such as the chin and nose that had many blackheads became clearer than before. I had some pain when I dried and peeled off the black mask enough, but it was bearable. Because beauty requires pain.

Wonder W.
Works better than expected!

I have applied it four times since my purchase. In order to peel mask off easily, it is important to apply a fair amount of product evenly on your skin. If you apply a thin layer, it will be a challenge to remove and you won't reach the desired results. Honestly, the product does what it says. I examine each bit I pull off and see the little blackhead of yuck that were just sitting inside my pores! I will only use it around my nose area to help remove blackheads and reduce pores. Overall, I like this peel off mask and I would buy it again.

As a suggestion, I recommend applying this product to sections of the face (like the T zone, your chin, the nose, cheeks) all separately rather than like the photo of the full face mask. I will definitely continue to use it

This is the best mask I've ever bought

This mask is awesome. I've seen the hype everywhere about the black mask but this product is so satisfied. It definitely removes a lot of blackhead and whitehead than any other kind I've tried. This blackhead peel off mask was easy to apply and easy to get off. It did not hurt during the removal process and my skin felt nice and clean afterwards with minimal parts left over. Just wash your face with warm water .You can feel your face is soft and fresh.

Less is more!

First timing using this face peel off black mask, less is definitely more! I think I used too much on my nose so it took forever to dry and almost rubbed off instead of able to peel it off. On my face did a thinner layer and it worked much better! The black mask smell is pleasant. Overall, would recommend this black mask for blackhead remover. Did get stuck to the sink and had to scrub off but think that is because it wasn’t all the way dry when I peeled off.

So satisfying!!

Kind of gross but I love peeling off this black mask for blackhead remover and seeing the gunk that was on my face! Very easy to apply and even easier to take off. This charcoal black mask definitely works better after a hot shower and my pores are opened. It takes a little bit of trial and error to get the right amount on your face but more product works better for me. I wasn't blow away by the scent but it's not horrible. A repeat purchase for me! So satisfying with this black mask for blackhead remover !!

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