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Flawless Color Changing Foundation Makeup Change Skin Tone

Flawless Color Changing Foundation Makeup Change Skin Tone

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A good foundation is essential for a good quality makeup look.  A flawless foundation not only covers imperfections. But also provides a more even skin tone, and give the desired finish - matte or dewy.

Flawless Color Changing Foundation is a revolutionary new liquid foundation that goes blank and automatically adjusts instantly to match your exact skin tone.


Flawless Color Changing Foundation Features:

  • Concealer and long lasting
  • The texture is hydrated and light, transparent and natural, looking natural.
  • Matte Effect
  • Contain SPF 15 sun protection to shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

 This Flawless foundation is designed for daily use and will give your skin a silky finish illuminating that other bases maybe do not provide; our fragrance-free formula is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin without any dryness or weight. 

Major Highlights:       

  • Hydrating benefits for all skin types.        
  • Provides a brighten and natural makeup.         
  • Boosts radiance to leave skin silky smooth through Lightweight foundation treatment.         
  • Moisturizes your skin         
  • Lasting Oil Control 

 It will adapt to your skin tone, doesn't matter if you have dark or light tone. TLM is a protective Flawless Foundation that will be good to cover any skin problems without clogging pores.

Made for everyday use and will give your skin a silky finish, making this kind of makeup great for everyday wear as well as special occasions

Package Included:

1 x Liquid Foundation Cream

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Light coverage and I like it that way.

I have fairly smooth skin and I have light olive skin. It actually blends in well with my skin color. It doesn't cover my age spots but I don't expect it to. I would need to buy a thicker and darker foundation for that but I don't want to because I like to look natural. I do like that it does make a difference to my face when I apply it to one side of my face and not the other. It looks more even toned. When the foundation no longer pumps out don't throw it away! You can remove the white pump lid and use the remainder in the glass bottle until it's all gone. I use a triangular sponge to apply the foundation to my face. I also use the straw inside to dig out the product to apply it to the sponge. When I'm done I put the pump lid/straw back on and put the sponge side down into the cap and set it right next to the bottle for my next use. I really like this lightweight smooth product. I recommend it if you're looking for just that. I'm really impressed that it blends so well with my olive skin. Impressive.

Perfect Foundation

Have I got a review for you!! Bought this before my son's wedding on October 4, 2019. The bride had arranged professional hair and make up for us. The make up artist doing me had her own products to use but I asked her if she could use my foundation and explained why. She agreed. As soon as she started applying this to my face she stopped turned to everyone there and said this is amazing. It is going on exactly the same color as her skin!! Then she took a picture of the product. I knew I loved it but what an endorsement!!

Natural looking foundation.

It's easy to use and it really does adjust to the color of your complexion.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I was very surprised at how well it blends into my skin tone. I’m glad it has spf 15 and nice moisturizing property to it.
I would recommend this product.

Amazing Product!

I do not normally wear foundation, only for special occasions. I do not like the look and feel of heavy make-up. This goes on so smooth like a moisturizer and does not give that heavy make up look or feel. It really does match your skin color too. I am amazed and would recommend to anyone!!