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Heated Eyelash Curler - Electric Eyelash Curling Device

Heated Eyelash Curler - Electric Eyelash Curling Device

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Heated Eyelash Curler - Electric Eyelash Curling Device 

Say goodbye to crimped or clumpy lashes - No pinching, or pulling, the heated comb lifts, separates and curls lashes beautifully and naturally with our Heated Eyelash Curler. 

Get long - lasting lashes with the heated pen style eyelash curler.

  • It has two lines of heating system, and an anti-damage system on heating areas that avoids any harm when curling eyelash.

  • You can create long and beautiful eyelashes in seconds with the heated eyelash curler!

  • You Won't turn on accidentally thanks to the lid which protects the onoff switch.

  • They are the perfect size for make-up purse or travel.

  • Faster and more good looking finish than any Heated Eyelash Curler

  • Easy To Use

  • 15 Second Warm-Up

  • Built-In LED Light

  • Battery Powered

  • Material: ABS

  • Battery: 1 AAA battery (not included)

Heated Eyelash Curler

With our Heated Eyelash Curler, you can get an extra lift and curl in seconds, without the breakage that you’d risk by putting mascara.

How to use: 

1. Pull out the battery cell out of the aluminum pen and insert 1 * AAA battery. Slide the switch to ON position to activate unit. The green light will illuminate. \n 2. Let the curler heat for about 20 seconds. 3. Place the heated comb directly under eyelash line. Gently lift eyelashes with curler against your eyelid. Hold the position for 8~10 seconds (Do not press curler directly on the eyelid). Continue until desired look is achieved. 4. When finished, slide the on/off button downward to the off position. 5. For the best, long lasting results, we recommend a coat of mascara after curling. 




Shell Material: Aluminum

Color: As the picture shown

Size: 14 * 1.5 * 1.5cm

Power supplied by 1 * AAA batteries (Not Included).

Package included :1 x Eyelash Curler

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Once I am satisfied with the purchase experience, I recommend this product.

The eyelash curler has a quick charging function and can be heated quickly. I like to use this kind of hair curler instead of a normal one. I like to curl her eyelashes. It is really easy to use and heats up enough to curl, but not too hot. This eyelash curler takes only a few seconds to heat up, can easily lift eyelashes, and the curl lasts all day.

Baxter Olivar
The best eyelash curler!

I just love it! I had tried others but none worked for me like this one, my eyelashes are curled all day long, definitely I recommend it.

The styling is good, and the price is not expensive

It's easy to find a treasure when your lashes are flat and you can't put on Mascara without looking good, and it's easy to get dizzy with makeup. It's super easy to use. Apply Mascara once, then use it to burn your lashes, then apply Mascara again, and the results will be amazing, the effect can keep all day long, the shaping effect is very good, recommends everybody to buy, oneself becomes the beautiful Latin, the price is not expensivez

Very easy to use

Received the product, immediately tried it, the effect is really good, electric perm eyelash curler delicate, small and beautiful, very good to use, two minutes do not need to be able to put on good makeup. The temperature on the upper eye is very suitable. Very easy to use.

Sondra Coleman
Why didn’t I know about the existence of this product before?

I can’t believe how good this product is. My eyelashes are very hard to curl. I tried tons of different things and products to keep them nice but they wouldn’t work. This eyelash curler made it possible for me to curl my eyelashes in a way I had never seen them before. Plus, they stayed curled the whole day. I was very surprised with the results and I’ve been using it daily ever since. I’m very grateful that one of my friends told me about this amazing product and her experience with it.