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IPL Hair Removal Device | TCC9000®

IPL Hair Removal Device | TCC9000®

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Make sure you have a healthy and effective hair removal session at home, with Laser hair removal.

By the most popular technology applied in hair removal, you can remove hair safely, effectively and easily; replacing the traditional hair removal methods such as endless waxing, shaving and epilating.

This Laser Hair Removal is one of the safest, and more  efficient IPL for permanent hair reduction. It works automatically, and continuously adapts to your skin tone to guarantee optimal balance between efficacy and safety.


IPL Hair Removal Device Features:

  • 8 different energy levels to adapt to different skin sensitivities.
  • Higher energy provides a more effective treatment
  • No batteries or charging required, simply plug in the device adapter and contact the machine vertically to the skin to start treatment.
  • Single Flash & Continuos Flash
  • Fast gliding and stamp mode

Major Benefits

  • Permanent hair reduction in 4 weeks
  • Treat both legs in less than 5 minutes
  • Precision head to target smaller areas
  • SensoAdapta sensor adapts the flash intensity

This Laser Hair Removal Device has a gliding mode that triggers more flashes for the fastest treatment, perfect for large body parts, such as your legs which can both be treated in just five minutes.

 East to Use:

  • Remove hair from the desired treatment area with the included
  • Press and hold the button for 3s to start the continuous Flash. As long as the lamp head is close to the skin, the machine will automatically flash

Continued monthly treatments, or treatments as required, will keep your skin with permanent hair-free at home.

Package Includes IPL Hair Removal Device

  • Precision Head
  • Venus Extra Smooth Razor
  • Transformer including power cord and plug
  • Travel pouch


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
parminder singh
Amazing product that works!

Been using it for two months now and I'm now a wholehearted fan of IPL treatments for hair removal. Started with my bikini line and armpits but did my legs and arms as well since it came with so many pulses. Looking at photos/reviews, people who got burned likely didn't have proper skincare or used a level that was too high. Be mindful of treating your skin right, using proper sun care, and not overdoing it with the power level, and you'll be just fine!

Tina Soundy
Nice Product!

I purchased it several months ago for my wife and wanted to wait long enough to see the results because it takes few treatments to actually determine if it works or not. She had some on and off periods in between which kinda extends the period to get some results. But after using it for several months now, she is happy and able to say that it is a very good product. I was also impressed by the looks as well, as it’s made pretty well and looks real professional. One thing I suggest is to follow the directions and don’t overuse it at one spot and do not shave, but trim the hair first. It’s safe & better to do another session rather than using it longer in the same session. Overall, we are really happy with the product.

Tavia Adamson
Great product

So far I've used this laser for 2 full treatments on my right leg (only doing 1 leg at a time to see effectiveness) and I have seen a slight reduction of hair growth already!
My package came quickly and was exactly as described.
So much more cost effective than going to a spa.

Worth it

My friends used this on my skin it work. It works very well. Price is little bit high but worth it. First time was itchy like my friends told me. I need one...💪

William Baker
Good value - will save you $ doing this yourself

I used to go to a beauty place to get my hair removed. It was like $60 or so bucks per session and I remember doing 6 sessions. Ughs. I hated paying so much money for it. The way this works is that it's not permanent hair removal. It's offers slow growth. I know for some, hair never grows back for them but for me, It always grows back... I have to mention this because some folks may expect this to remove hair forever and that's not how it works. I'm glad I found a DIY device to save me hundreds of dollars. This comes with instructions manual that's very easy to follow and eye goggles for protection. This gadget is larger than I expected, so attached is photo includes the device with battery for size reference. It's easy to hold and not too heavy. Make sure you read instructions before performing a hair removal treatment on yourself - it's very helpful.