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Wow. I have never done anything like this. It was way easy to use. And works great. I ordered new make and it went on so much easier. My face does actually shine now.

Dawn M McGill
Awesome Product

Such an awesome product, beautiful design and beautiful results. It has got a nice light for clear visibility and people who are complaining about vibration are wrong, there is no need for a blade to vibrate, it is very gentle and one derma plane will last for a month.

Great product!

I bought this over the quarantine period bec my fave needed a serious pick me up and kept reading about dermaplaning and skin exfoliating. I’ve only used it once and my face was so smooth afterward, all the fuzz gone and I even went around my eyebrows to trim them and I was able to do that successfully without ruining my shape. Highly recommend. I didn’t get cut or was in fear of getting cut at any time.

Amelia G.
Love this facial assist device

I'm 65 and work at taking care of my complextion. This is easy to use and very cost effective. This the greatest brand i think I now have all items in this line this is not rough i have very sensitive skin and have used several time since it arrives. With no issues just follow instructions and recommendations ☺

Aimee Weaver
Professional results

I heard about it and have gotten professional dermaplaning, I received the same results with this and it is so good for your skin!

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