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Melisa B
Fast and easy to use!

Really easy to apply and nice!

Dr. Pink
Easy to put on and take off!

I just tried these lashes and I LOVE them! It took me a few tries to get them on the first time (I don’t have a very steady hand with the liquid eyeliner lol) but it was super easy otherwise, and I love how dramatic they are! They’re also easy to clean and store for the next time you want to use them.

Gail S
Love these lashes!!!

Highly commend these lashes. Perfect length. Comes with 2 different lengths. One is perfect the other a little too much for me. Comfortable and easy to apply.

I love these magnetic liners!

This is the first time I've used my magnetic eyelashes oh, I love them! They're so easy to use, and definitely easier than the glue lashes. I will purchase again.

Mandy Hooker
Easy to use - my 13-year-old applied them herself.

My 13-year-old daughter was required to wear eyelashes for her dance show. She already has naturally long and pretty lashes so I didn’t want her to use glue and lose some of her lashes. I considered buying the liquid mascara with fibers to extend the lashes, but that seemed pricey for a one time use, not knowing if it would still usable for the next show in 6 months, or if it would flake and irritate her eyes.
This lashes were perfect, perfect looking, perfectly applied. She put them on herself, and took them off herself. I told her I may borrow the other pair because they looked so good. And hopefully these will last several years of her performances.

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