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Rainbow 4D Mascara For Eyelash Extension Makeup Waterproof

Rainbow 4D Mascara For Eyelash Extension Makeup Waterproof

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This amazing 4D silk fiber mascara covers every lash with maximum volume, length and curl. Exquisitely lush with long thick eyelashes, artistic volume, no weighing down, eyelash makeup, voluptuous volume, and intense length, full, not flaking, and darker pigment


  • Made with plant addition, mild and eye care.
  • Waterproof and anti-dizzy effect, can make eyelashes lasting long curl.
  • Anti-Stainning Formula
  • Contains mild ingredients that are safe and friendly to sensitive eyes

This durable, water-resistant mascara formula ensures your lashes stay beautifully long, thick, and voluminous throughout the day through rain, tears, and sweat. Your lashes has never looked that curley!

Mascara can quickly brighten eyes, while also being portable and relatively easy to apply, making it a makeup stable for the majority of women.

The Rainbow 4D Mascara increase not only volume, but also intensity to your eyes, making you look more glamorous.

Major benefits

  • Suitable for all skin types: no glue, hypoallergenic and non-irritating ingredients 
  • Easy to brush: You can be a beginner or a professional; it is easy to draw a delicate thin line
  • Easy to clean: Wash off easily with warm water or facial cleanser.

Mascara it’s a Must, when it comes to makeup. Showing off our bright eyes, it wouldn't  be possible if it wasn’t for good quality mascara.. We are constantly looking for a product that could satisfy our eyelashes needs. The Rainbow 4D Masscara meets the necessary characteristics to define our lashes and give them that stunning look.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Matt and Marcia Anderson
It Stays On

I Do like this product. I don’t wear a lot of make up and very seldom do I wear mascara because most it is so cheap, not in price but in product. I like the waterproof 4D Silk Fiber Mascara. When I first got it I noticed it came in a very pretty container just as described on the website. I put some on right away. It went on smoothly not clumpy. And it stayed on and did not smear when I rubbed my eyes. I took it off with equate wet wipes from Walmart. It stays on and does not come off until you take it off. I would purchase again.

Marcia D.
Stays put but washes off easily

Strangely enough this stuff stays on when sweating (or teary eyed) but washes off with plain water! I love this mascara! Goes on easy-it only takes a few swipes instead of the multiple coats I’ve had to do with other brands.


I do not wear makeup but I do wear mascara in fact I love mascara...i always try to find one that makes my lashes look longer and I think I found the best one yet...i actually can say I have visible lashes (longer)

Kimberly Noorlander

This looks really naturally and is wonderful. I love it. I taught a workout class that I usually have makeup all over my face by the end, and it didn’t run, or smear when I wiped my face!

I have eyelashes now!!

I have puny eyelashes so I thought I would try a fiber mascara and this seemed like a good deal. Has made a big difference! Thank you!