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Sonic Facial Cleanser and Anti-Ageing Massager

Sonic Facial Cleanser and Anti-Ageing Massager

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A simple and effective tool for facial cleansing. The facial cleanser is small device designed to massage your skin in order to provide deep cleaning, without too much effort, or a huge amount of time. Similar to other brands like Foreo, but with greater, long lasting performance and functions such us a variety of massage routines that target specific areas of your face. 

Providing you with a thorough cleanse, you'll notice a difference in the way your skin looks and feels from the very first treatment.

Our waterproof, electric deep facial cleanser brush is available in different colours. With built-in battery, the mild vibrations and soft brushes enhance your facial cleaning, removes excess makeup and exfoliates the skin.


Sonic Facial Cleanser and Anti-Ageing Massager Features:                                                                                                  

  • Stimulates the circulation of the blood towards the skin which 
  • Waterproof, electric deep facial cleanser
  • Brush is available in different colours –built-in battery, providing mild vibrations and soft brush
  • Handy size, egg-shaped silicone brush is both small in size (65mm x 56mm) and light weight (45g) 

Different massage treatments to choose from covering everything from your eyes to your neck and jawline to cheeks. This facial cleanser, eliminates trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin cells in just 1 minute and keeps your skin in top shape.

Major Benefits:

  • Deeply, yet gently cleanses preserving skin elasticity
  • Eliminate trapped oil and dirt in 1 minute
  • Improves the absorption of your favorite skincare products

Makes your skin super smooth and helps with acne if used constantly.

Add it as part of your morning and evening routine to enjoy all the benefits of an ultra-gentle hygienic cleaning with 16 pulsation intensities.

This handy size, egg-shaped silicone brush is both small in size (65mm x 56mm) and light weight (45g) making it perfect for on the go.  The built-in battery will last approximately half a year of use, and is fully waterproof for use in the shower or bath.
The mild vibrations also provide a soothing massage across your face, making your facial cleaning regime a pleasurable experience.

Enjoy a gentle cleaning and treatment, which guarantees the care of your skin.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Love it

Love it

Lois F.
Best price for this type of product, & well made

Works really well, surprisingly very good deal making it waterproof, easily charges, and has a speed adjustment to intensify the Sonic vibrations. Great price, well made product.

patty mchale
Great purchase

The exact same as the expensive ones they sell in Sephora but you can CHARGE IT !!!! So glad I found this before spending $60 on another one that dies after a year.

Sophio Kobaladze
Game changer

Love, adjustable settings and rechargeable with easy instructions

Theressa Hailey