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The Instant Neck and face Lift l No Pain Neck Lift Stretch Bands

The Instant Neck and face Lift l No Pain Neck Lift Stretch Bands

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With our Neck and face Skin Lift, you can effectively improve the appearance of your skin, giving you a more youthful, V-shaped face.

Discover the ideal solution to combat sagging and wrinkles with our virtually undetectable adhesive tape.

The INSTANT Neck Lift dramatically smooths away neck lines, neck folds, and wrinkles in one simple application. A night out, a luncheon, a special occasion or just because you want to look and feel beautiful. One “Magic” strip lasts 8 to 10 hours per day. Our Magic Neck Lift is a clear, specially engineered tape placed behind the neck that holds wrinkled skin on the front of the neck tight and youthful looking. Unlike creams and other applications, this strips provides INSTANT results. An INSTANT Necklift! Another advantage, holds for hours, painless, dramatically reduces the look of an aging neck by smoothing away lines, folds and wrinkled skin in one simple application. 

Meet Beauty Instantly Instantly reshape your face

Just stick one end of the tape on the skin area you prefer, then pull the skin back 3-4 inches and press hard, then you’ll see amazing results.

Note: For optimal results, ensure your skin is neither too dry nor too oily before applying the tape to prevent any issues with adhesion.

Undoubtedly its compact size and lightweight body ensure the product features with portable. Ultra-thin and transparent face-lifting stickers are invisible on the skin, Don't worry about others finding out, it will match your foundation perfectly.

How to use:

1. Remove the short side of the protective backing where it overlaps.

2. Remove the remaining backing almost to the end, leaving one inch intact to use as a handle. Place the adhesive side under the left side of your hairline – just under the ear.

3. Using your left thumb and middle finger, bring your skin together forming a fold in the center of your neck while tugging the right side and pressing in place while removing the remaining backing.

4. Your application is complete.

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